Warehouse design

Designing the perfect warehouse is an area where even angels can fear to tread. The devil is in managing myriad details, complicated by the fact that a design made in heaven is never the same for any two facilities-even within the same organization.

While the process is exhaustively detail-laden, fortunately it can be broken down into two phases—location and design—and managed by our experts who are hand-picked to address pertinent issues. Here's a sinfully in-depth look.


When looking at a prospective location for your warehouse, you want to look at some vital criteria:

  • How close am I to my customers?

  • How close am I to my partners and suppliers?

  • Where can I provide a high level of service?

  • Where can I operate at a low cost?

  • Where are my competitors located?

When designing a warehouse network, it is imperative for companies to understand what they need to serve their customers. Do they need high availability levels? Short lead times? Both? Do they need warehouses close to customers? Will they increase sales if they improve service? Will they lose sales if a competitor provides better service?


  • How much operations data is available?

  • What type of products do I want to store?

  • How can I design the warehouse in an environment-friendly manner?

  • what kind of tools and machinery are required?

The technical and physical aspects of warehouse design vary, but one factor always rings true: a well-designed, well-operated warehouse can and should be a competitive asset—serving today and tomorrow's distribution needs.