Design a technology architecture that keeps pace with an ever-changing digital business environment.

Implementing new technologies to address changing business needs begins with architecting the solution. With resource limitations, you need to get it right the first time. Through our technology consulting, we work with you to find an architecture solution that integrates new technologies into your existing environment. We identify the required changes to your IT infrastructure to ensure the new service delivers the desired business outcomes.

Data centres are expanding beyond the boundaries of facilities, computing, storage, and data centre networks. Navigating these changes can be difficult, as data centre infrastructure must meet new needs with increasing speed and do so at a reduced cost. This requires an understanding of how to structure, optimise, and place traditional and new applications in hybrid environments.

We’ll work with you to thoroughly assess your key data centre infrastructure domains while considering their interdependencies. We then help you prioritise which are most relevant to your organisation and its strategic goals.

We determine the most efficient operating model for your data centre, and find the best ways to utilise public cloud, hosting, and colocation. We also ensure your network is geared to support this transformation, with security embedded at every step.

Our experienced consultants work with you to determine your business needs and strategic goals.

By reviewing how each of the key technology domains support your current and future goals, we can identify which priorities meet your objectives. We also look at the connection between your domains to ensure a cohesive strategy that takes into account any interdependencies.

Using these insights, we provide you with a comprehensive plan. We help you to identify your state of technological maturity and outline a hybrid IT infrastructure roadmap towards achieving your organisation’s business goals.

When you need programmers, IT hacks won't do. Not all programmers are created equally. Nearly 100% of all off-shore developers provide "quick-trick hack coding" that may look good to the untrained eye, but actually makes your software vulnerable to attacks and a plethora of errors that serve only to frustrate and embarrass you while sending a bad message to your end-users.

Because of rework, lack of familiarity and experience with SSAE 16 SOC I, SOC II, SOC III, HIPAA, DoD and FDIC compliance requirements; programming projects fail. Unless you have a partner that can support, you might experience great challenges, frustrations and low quality outcome.  

IT Solutions Worldwide's programmers are disciplined. Our programmers utilize best practice coding, revision software, standardized coding libraries and internal code communications. Optimized code, database caching and well-architected database structures combined with end-user requirements ensures the fastest delivery of expected information for all. Security coding requirements are always at the foundation of every programming project.

IT Solutions Worldwide develops programming code that passes all standards for compliance because there is nothing worse than being robbed, defaced or exposed by hackers not to mention the compliance auditors.

Our software programmers also practice a hybrid methodology of 6-Sigma and Agile. This ensures fast-paced deliverables you can see and inspect every 2 - 3 weeks for large projects.